PM for more vigilant, modern policing to weed out crimes, terrorism

Pakistan on 24 June 2013
Location : Lahore, Pakistan | Source : Associated Press of Pakistan. Image: Associated Press of Pakistan

LAHORE: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday  called for a more vigilant and modern policing coupled with an effective coordination among all relevant institutions to eliminate the menace of terrorism and crimes from the society. Co-chairing a high-level meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad  Shahbaz Sharif on the Police Reforms issue, the Prime Minister said that police department must conduct the investigations on merit and submit their challans to respective courts for an early dispensation of justice to the aggrieved people.

The Prime Minister directed the Punjab Acting Inspector General of  Police Khan Baig to chalk out a comprehensive strategy, while keeping  in view the optimum utilization of modern technology and equipment as well as a coordinated intelligence for better policing, and also sought a detailed presentation within a week.

The Prime Minister regretted that in Pakistan hundreds of innocent  people had been killed in terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, and even the public places, mosques and Imambargahs were attacked.  “The monster of terrorism had severely affected the country’s trade and  economy and now the nation is facing the energy crisis and power load-shedding,” he observed. 
The Prime Minister said that police and other relevant departments would  have to bring necessary changes and reforms in their system to weed-out terrorism and crimes in an effective manner.
Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Shahbaz Sharif apprised the Prime  Minister that the provincial government was devising a comprehensive policy to control weaponisation- show of weapons, its supply and cancellation of unnecessary weapon licences. The Prime Minister said, “I will fully support this initiative of de-weaponisation, as it is a great cause.” 
The Prime Minister also stressed the need for constituting a task-force  involving the private sector and social figures for this cause of purging the society of fatal weapons.  
He directed the Federal Interior Minister to expedite work on  ascertaining the genuineness of 34,000 weapon licences issued by the last federal government.  
Taking stock of ‘Thana Culture’ and negative image of police at  grassroots level, the Prime Minister directed for renovating the dilapidated police stations, besides training and capacity building of the policemen on modern line to bring it par at international standards.  “Police councils consisting of notable and good character people,  retired bureaucrats and judges should be constituted at police stations level to maintain a check on the performance of the investigation process as well as find out of the box solutions to petty disputes without going into any legal/investigation procedures,” he opined. 
The Prime Minister said that well-qualified and well-behaved young  people should be inducted in the police on merit in order to ensure quality and transparent investigations of the cases.  The Prime Minister said “I want to see a new citizen-friendly face of  the Police,” adding that it would help Pakistan to be transformed into a well organized society.
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