PIC requests information on action taken against Police Commissioner Riyaz

Maldives on 03 October 2013
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The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, requesting to be informed of the action taken against Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz as advised by the PIC after an investigation, in relation to Riyaz tweeting a letter calling people not to vote for presidential candidate of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), former President Mohamed Nasheed, in the presidential election.

Acting Minister of Home Affairs Ahmed Shafeeu has mentioned to the media that Riyaz had been asked to apologise and ensure that such acts are not repeated in the future.

The PIC said that it had not been informed of this, and that it thus sent a letter today to the Home Ministry requesting information on the action taken against Riyaz in relation to this matter.

PIC advised to take action against Riyaz under Article 67 of the Police Act. Disciplinary actions against police officers mentioned in Article 67 include demotion to a lower rank, counselling, and relocation of workplace.

Riyaz has confessed during the investigation, that he tweeted a letter calling people not to vote for Nasheed in the presidential election.

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