People protest against Police atrocities

Pakistan on 21 July 2014
Location : Pakistan | Source : Pakistan Observer. Image Source: flickr user defence images

Karachi—Police atrocities on the civilians had been skyrocketing in Karachi while the higher authorities seldom took immediate action against Police personnel despite complaints and protest.

A couple of incidents of Police atrocities were observed at Haideri Police station where a student was arrested for minting money and a lady was kept in the police station on the mercy of cops, which had irked the people of North Karachi and a social and human rights organisation, Pasban Pakistan. Pasban Pakistan vice president Abdul Hakeem Quaid had condemned Police atrocities on civilians and means of minting money from people in Karachi.

While sharing details of a victim to the hands of Haideri Police station’s SHO Nadeem Tanoli and a cop Kamal Ansari, he said that the said SHO had raided the house of Saif Ul Islam Bukhari in sector 11-A in North Karachi in plain clothes and took his son Masab Bin Saif, a student of intermediate. They had covered his eyes with a black strip. Quaid said that Saif told him that the SHO Nadeem Tanoli had phoned his 85 year old mother and demanded Rs 50,000 as bribe for release of Masab and told his mother that failing to pay the money, the student would be killed in a Police encounter for which permission had already been obtained from the Inspector General of Police, Sindh.

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