Pakistan police accused of having links with terrorists

Pakistan on 17 October 2013
Location : Pakistan | Source : Business Standard

Some police officials in Pakistan have links with terrorists and car-lifters, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said.

Addressing a press conference at the interior ministry, Nisar disclosed the links between the police and terrorists and asked the inspector general of police (IGP) and the chief commissioner to get rid of these corrupt elements.

According to Dawn News, Nisar also said he had directed the police to seek assistance from the intelligence agencies in identifying the corrupt elements within police ranks.

IGP Sikandar Hayat said the interior minister had issued these directions in a meeting which was held after receiving information that a few police officials had links with criminal gangs.

He said the association between some police officials and car-lifters or criminal gangs had already been established.

He added that the links between police and terrorists are yet to be established.

He said that over 90 corrupt officials, including deputy superintendents of police (DSPs), inspectors and sub-inspectors had already been sidelined and action had been initiated against them.

He said an accountability cell, under the supervision of the assistant inspector general of police, was working on identifying the corrupt elements, the report added.

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