PAKISTAN: Gang rape of a poor minority woman by five accused

Pakistan on 13 September 2013
Location : Sindh, Pakistan | Source : Asian Human Rights Commission. Image Source: Asian Human Rights Commission

Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information regarding the gang rape of minority woman in district Tharparker, Sindh. The lady was raped by five people in front of her husband and three children. The police has registered the case against the accused that are supported by the Mr. Mahesh Kumar Malani Member of provisional Assembly (MPA) of a political party, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Tharparker. The Police of Chachro taluka has arrested five accused but the remaining three absconded. Medico legal reports are not in favor of the poor victim. According to reports it is declared that due to no sign of violence and marital status it is not possible to ascertain the gang rape whereas her clothes were send to the chemical lab in Karachi for further probe.


Ms. Motaan (26) wife of Mr. Tiloo Bheel resident of Palani paro of Baprario village, Talka Chachro, Tharparkar Sindh was brutally beaten and raped by five assailants on September 4, 2013 in the early morning. At the time of rape she was two months pregnant. On the day of the incident at around 8 a.m Motaan along with her husband Tiloo, brother-in-law (husband’s brother) Mr. Anboo, Tiloo’s cousin Khamiso son of Bhuroo and her three children (2 sons and one daughter) was going to Umerkot area to work together as labourers at a brick kiln. On the way near to the Veersani stand they were stopped by eight culprits: Mr. Malukoo son of Mr. Somajhi, Mr. Kalu who was armed with pistol, Mr. Petho, Mr. Bhurgro, Mr. Pirbhu son of Malokoo, Mr. Hero son of Mr. Punhoon, Mr. Karto son of Mr. Punhoon and Mr. Adwa son of Mr. Ghanoare who were armed with pistols, axes and sticks.

The accused are residents of the Veersani Mohalla of Baprario village, Talka Chacharo Tharparker. They grabbed the innocent poor people from the vehicle and started beating them. The culprits took the victims into the community center belonging to Mr. Malukoo Bheel which is near his house. Motaan was grabbed by her hair and was taken inside the community center along with her husband Tiloo, three children and Anboo whereas Khamisoo during the violence was able to escape. The accused beat the victims brutally and tied their hands and feet and then forced them to watch the rape of Motaan.

Malukoo, Burgaro and Patho were charged for keeping watch on Tiloo and his children and Anbo was tied outside the room. The other accused Kalo, Pirbhu, Kartu, Hero and Adwa torn the clothes off Motaan and also raped her. After the rape the culprits continued to beat the victims for two hours before leaving them unconscious.

The family went to the Chachro Police Station to report the rape and the assault but Mr. Mahesh Kumar Malani (MPA) pressured the police and threatened the family not to register the case. The family protested in front of the Press Club Chachro and after that police registered the FIR against the accused from whom five are arrested and three are still free. The victim Motaan was shifted to Civil Hospital Mithi (because of rural health center in Chachro does not have a lady Doctor) where Dr. Padma did the medical legal checkup in which she reported that victim had no injuries so there is no evidence of gang rape and her body is in sound condition. On the other side MPA Mahesh Malani told the media that there is no case of gang rape and only violence took place. The accused are close to Mahesh Malani as they helped him during his election campaign which took place on 11 May 2013 by setting the election camp in their community center.

The enmity between the two families started with the immoral behaviour of Kalo’s intrusion into the home of Motaan’s brother in law (Khanoo) one evening. Later on it was disclosed that Kalo entered in the home of Khano with ill intent and he had illegal relations with his wife. Khano then tried to get revenge by making a malicious video of one of Kalo Bheel's daughters which he then shared with others. After that a quarrel started between the both families but they agreed to settle their differences and not enter each other's homes. However, the video continued to appear so the family of the girl decided to take revenge from Khanoo. Maluko along with his henchmen were waiting for the chance to take revenge by raping a member of Khano’s family.


This is the first case of gang rape to happen in Tharparker whereas these types of cases are very rare in our societies. The reality is that women are most vulnerable and they bear the punishment of other’s sins like in this case. Though Motaan was innocent in this case she became the victim and her whole family bore the consequences of other’s sins.

Please write a letter to the following authorities, calling on them to initiate inquiries into the case of the violence and gang rape of Ms. Motaan Bheel and her family who were brutally beaten. Please urge them to prosecute MPA Mahesh Malani for supporting the accused and threating the victims of the case. The court has to pressurize the police to arrest the remaining accused and do a proper probe and order a proper medical legal checkup of Motaan. The Sindh government must provide justice and compensation to the victim and her family.

The AHRC is writing a separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences.

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