Not Enough Men to Police the Night

India on 08 July 2013
Location : Banglore: India | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Dying Regime

Bangalore: Newly appointed city police commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar on Friday said police would extend the 11pm deadline for night life by an hour if the government asks them to do so.

There has been no such directive yet,Auradkar said,adding that extension of the deadline would impact law and order in the city as his department is short-staffed.

If I have to extend the deadline,I have to deploy more police on the roads for a longer duration.We are currently short-staffed and overburdened, Auradkar told reporters.

Explaining the shortage of staff,Auradkar said it will take two years to fill the vacancies in the city police.This may be delayed further because of lack of training facilities in the state.

The total strength of my force is 16,000.After deducting the reserve police force,there are 12,000 policemen at my disposal for law and order,crime investigation and traffic.Recruitment of 2,500 more policemen is sanctioned,but it will take one year;training them will take another year, the commissioner said.

The commissioners solutions to the manpower problem are: more technology,community policing and intelligence restructuring.


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