New budget promotes gender-responsiveness

Bangladesh on 24 June 2013
Location : Bangladesh | Source : The Daily Star. Image Source; Flickr User United Nations

The 2013-14 budget promotes greater gender-related expenditure for the advancement of women’s rights, speakers said at a post-budget discussion yesterday.

“This year the allocation has increased to 27.68 percent from 26.26 percent last year,” said Sharmind Neelormi, associate professor of the economics department at Jahangirnagar University.

This follows the trend of the past decade of increasing allocation for gender-responsive projects in the development allocation, she told the discussion, organised by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) in the capital’s Cirdap auditorium.

Neelormi said the “gender budget” had also been incorporated into 15 more ministries this year, raising the total number of ministries executing gender-related projects to 40.

Almost half of the newly employed persons in the last decade are females, said the speakers.  “Women’s participation in agriculture has seen a considerable increase, especially more noticeable at times when the men go abroad as migrant labourers,” said MM Akash, professor of economics at Dhaka University.

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