Mumbai cops conduct 'crude, degrading' finger-test on rape victim

India on 09 October 2013
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : Indian Express. Image Source: Indian Express

Despite the state government having issued a Government Resolution (GR) to do away with the degrading and unscientific "two- finger test" on a rape victim, a 19-year-old telephone operator who was allegedly gangraped at Shakti Mills on July 31 was subjected to the archaic test at the state-run JJ Hospital, according to medical reports attached to the chargesheet filed in the case by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on Tuesday.

The victim reported the incident on September 3, after the gangrape of a photojournalist in the area. She was subjected to the two-finger test on the same day.

While there is very little supportive medical evidence in the case owing to the delay in reporting the incident, the hospital stuck to the old proforma and filled in details on the "age of hymen tear", a factor indicating the victim's sexual history.

When contacted, hospital dean T P Lahane, said, "We shifted to the new proforma in March itself." When informed about the report, a copy of which is with The Indian Express, Lahane said he had not seen it and the doctor who conducted the test was answerable.

"The procedure (finger test) is degrading, crude and medically and scientifically irrelevant... Information about past sexual conduct has been considered irrelevant," the GR, issued on May 10, had said.

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