MPA may be booked for influencing police

Pakistan on 02 July 2013
Location : Rawalpindi, Pakistan | Source : Dawn. Image Source: Provincial Assembly of the Punjab

RAWALPINDI, July 1: Police have registered a report against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member of Punjab assembly for influencing the SP Sadr in a murder case, it has been learnt.

The sources said MPA Raja Shaukat Aziz Bhatti from Gujar Khan reportedly telephoned SP Waheedur Rehman Khattak on May 14 and made inquiries about the police progress in a murder case in Daultala and arrests of the suspects.

According to the police, four people were murdered in a clash between the two political groups – one associated with PML-N and the other with PTI — on polling day in Daultala.

In the murder case, seven people had been nominated by the complainant Mohammad Usman whose father was also among the deceased. Of the seven murder suspects, the police have been able to arrest five so far.

At that time the police did not register the murder case under Anti-Terrorism Act against the PTI leader as the PML-N MPA wanted the police to add 7-ATA in the FIR.

Mr Bhatti, the PML-N MPA, asked the SP to amend the FIR of murder case and add 7-ATA, the source said adding that the MPA threatened the SP against refusing to amend the FIR.

Shortly after the SP received the call from the ruling party MPA from his cell phone, he directed the Jatli police to register a report on ‘Roznamcha’ of the police station against the MPA.

After the registration of the report, he could be arrested under Section 109 of the PPC for abetting the crime in case any harm was done to the SP or any violence erupted in Gujar Khan.

Station House Officer Jatli Nazeer Ahmed, confirmed that a report had been registered against the MPA.

“Any suspect booked for abetting the crime could be arrested by the police if the crime takes place,” the SHO said.

The MPA had taken up the issue of registration of report against him by SP Khattak on the floor of the provincial assembly.

SP Khattak has been summoned by the standing committee on July 4 to explain the circumstances in which the police booked an elected MPA.

The Punjab inspector general of police had directed the officers to give “due respects” to the public representatives when they visit any police station and attend their phone calls on a priority basis.

The IGP’s move to please MPs was taken in the police circles as an increase in political interference in police.

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