Maldives police consider posting officers in Sri Lanka to combat drug trade

Maldives on 06 August 2013
Location : Maldives/Sri Lanka | Source : Maidu News

The Maldivian police are considering stationing police officers in neighboring countries including Sri Lanka to combat the drug trade, according to media reports from the island nation.

In an interview to Haveeru online, Police commissioner of Maldives Abdulla Riyazhas spoke of the need to station Maldivian police officers in the South Asian countries to stop drugs being trafficked into the Maldives.

According to the police commissioner, foreigners are heavily involved in drug trafficking rings in the Maldives.
“The drug trade takes place from India or Sri Lanka. I believe that in order to solve that, police need to be in India and Sri Lanka,” Riyaz has has said.

Riyaz has said that the plan is currently being devised to station police officers in Maldivian embassies in Sri Lanka and India by next year.

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