Lawyers accuse Riyaz of having committed an illegal act

Maldives on 24 August 2013
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Some lawyers have accused Police Commissioner Abdullah Riyaz of having committed an act mentioned in the Police Act as ‘wrongdoings for a police officer’, after he tweeted a letter asking people not to vote for former President Mohamed Nasheed in the presidential election.

This accusation comes with reference to Article 69 (b) of the Police Act, which states that it shall be an unlawful activity for any police officer, even in his personal capacity, to commit or engage in any activity that will create doubt in the minds of members of the public regarding the police officer’s ability to carry out his duties with fairness.

Former Attorney General Husnu Suood said that even if Riyaz tweeted this letter in his personal capacity, he would be deemed to have been engaged in an activity described as illegal in the Police Act.

Suood said that the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) can investigate this matter and take necessary action against Riyaz.

“It is possible to take action against Riyaz under this article of the Police Act. But whether he violated the Police Act, will only be decided after an investigation by the Police Integrity Commission. Even if he did this in his personal capacity, he would be deemed to have committed an illegal act,” said Suood, who is also a judge at the Civil Court.

Referring to Riyaz’s tweet, President Waheed said earlier that “it is possible” that Riyaz posted this letter on twitter “in his personal capacity”.

Meanwhile, PIC has initiated in investigation into this matter.

Lawyer Ali Hussain said that PIC should take action against the head of a civil institution if he carries out such an activity, and that the Police Act gives PIC the authority to take necessary action.

The letter tweeted by Riyaz describes Nasheed as “deceitful” and “wicked”, and asks people “say no” him in the presidential election in September.

Riyaz told Haveeru that he simply “tweeted a letter sent by someone”, and that he “did not intend to achieve anything” by doing so.

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