Lack of resources hinders swift resolution of murder cases

Pakistan on 12 June 2013
Location : Rawalpindi, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune. Image Source: Flickr User Koshy Koshy

Much like other major cities of Pakistan, where killings, murders, kidnappings and other crimes are commonplace, the garrison city Rawalpindi frequently plays host to horrific incidents. Violent crime is nothing new to the city, but anomalies such as the murders of 10 people in separate incidents in a single day on the first day of this month, could force even the coldest person to pause and take note.

One such horrific incident occurred in Muslim Town, when the police recovered the bodies of four siblings — Shamim, Sajida, Tahira and their brother Saleem. The bodies were recovered by the police from a house after area residents complained about the stench coming from the home. According to the police, the bodies bore no visible torture marks and the incident remains shrouded in mystery. The police are still waiting the postmortem reports, which are pending with a medical examiner. The police initially claimed that a dispute over a property led to the murders. However, they are waiting for the report to help determine cause of death and other possible motives.

Similarly, two Afghan brothers were killed in the limits of the Naseerabad police on the same day allegedly over an old enmity. The police later stopped investigation into the murders of Ghani Khan and Aslam Khan, claiming that the alleged murderer, Saad Agha, had fled to Afghanistan.  (Click below to read more).


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