KP police report: 100% conviction rate after NAP claimed

Pakistan on 14 April 2015
Location : Peshawar, Pakistan | Source : www,

PESHAWAR: A report filed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police cited a 100 per cent conviction rate after the implementation of the National Action Plan.

32 militants involved in various cases of terrorism across the province were convicted in the first quarter of 2015

22 cases were sent to trial in ATCs, resulting in the arrests and convictions of 41, of which 3 militants have been given a death sentence, four have been given life imprisonment, and the rest were given between ten to 14 years of imprisonment

794 suspects were arrested in search operations conducted in different parts of the province

three people were arrested for the illegal use of loudspeakers

During search operations, KP police claim to have recovered 64 firearms and 929 rounds of various ammunition.

Security of educational institutions

In the wake of last year's Army Public School attacks last year, security of educational institutions has also become a priority for law enforcement agencies. Under the Sensitive and Vulnerable Establishments and Places (Security) Bill 2014:

729 educational institutions were inspected

525 cases were registered against educational institutes who failed to make adequate security arrangements. These cases were, according to the report, registered after providing the management of these institutions with warnings and advisory notices.

Registration of residents

151,712 houses have been registered with the local police

1,812 cases have been registered against landlords who failed to register information about their tenants with local police

411 cases have been registered against hotel management that failed to maintain proper records or follow due proceeds regarding identity verification of guests

Detention of illegals

Search operations against illegal Afghan refugees resulted in the detention of 83 people, and the filing of 45 cases against them
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The National Action Plan was drafted in the wake of the Peshawar school attack to chalk out a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism.

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