Khyber Pakhtunkhwa boosts security spending

Pakistan on 24 June 2013
Location : Peshawar | Source : Central Asia Online. Image Source: Intikhab Amir

PESHAWAR – The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government's 2013-14 budget is bringing hope for improved security. Finance Minister Siraj-ul-Haq presented the Rs. 344 billion (US $3.5 billion) budget June 17 in the KP Assembly. KP allocated more than Rs. 23.78 billion (US $241m) for police.


Overall, the budget, scheduled to take effect July 1, reflects a 1.82 % increase in KP's security funding.

Improved community relations

The announcement included more than discussion of money.

"We will change Thana (police station) culture in KP by improving police response to public complaints," Siraj told Central Asia Online.

"We need to make police accountable to the public, improve its response, and establish a monitoring and evaluation system to assess the police department's effectiveness in order to improve its work," Rustam Shah Mohmand, former KP chief secretary, said.

One of the most important reforms concerns First Information Reports (FIR), he said. Citizens wishing to file a complaint can now do so online or by calling. Previously they had to visit a police station in person. Individuals will also receive a number for the complaint they filed, allowing them to monitor its progress.

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