Karnataka Passes Amendment to Police Act

India on 12 June 2013
Location : Karnataka, India | Source : The Hindu

The Legislative Assembly on Monday passed the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Bill 2013 “to comply with the directions of the Supreme Court in respect of police reforms and to ensure effective functioning of the Police Establishment Board (PEB)”.

The board, headed by the Director-General and Inspector-General of Police, consisted, till the amendment was passed, of three “senior-most” police officers not below the rank of Additional Director-General of Police as members. Monday’s Bill replaced “senior-most” police officers with “senior” police officers.

Sub-section (2) clause (c), which provided the board power to make “appropriate recommendations to the government regarding postings and transfer of officers of and above the rank of Additional Superintendent of Police” has been omitted.

Section 20F of the old legislation provided “power of transfer to the board or by the government in consultation with board”. The amended Bill extends “power of transfer to board or to the government as the case may be from his post before the expiry of the minimum tenure”.  (Click below to read more).

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