Karachi operation: 48 suspects arrested

Pakistan on 25 September 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : Dawn. Image Source: Dawn

A total of 48 suspects were arrested on Tuesday from different parts of Karachi during targeted operations by Rangers and police personnel, DawnNews reported.

Rangers forces arrested 35 suspects during their operations, while police forces arrested 13 others from different parts of the city.

The operation(s) took place in the areas of Korangi Industrial Area, Itehad Town, Sultanabad, Site, Boatbasin, Garden, Shah Faisal Colony, Jamshed Town, Pathan Colony, Lyari, Landhi, Gadap, Shah Faisal Town, North Nazimabad and Sarjani Town, among others.

According to a Rangers spokesperson, the arrested suspects include target killers, extortionists and those involved in gang wars.

Rangers forces also arrested a police officer from the Garden Police Headquarters, who had affiliations and contacts with terrorists. An operation conducted in Shah Faisal Colony by Rangers

Police, meanwhile, arrested five suspects in Itehad Town, who had been involved in numerous robberies. Their weapons were confiscated by the police during the operation.

Three other suspects were arrested in Boat Basin, while the Pirabad Police also arrested suspected target killers from the area.

Moreover, Site Police arrested suspects involved in throwing hand grenades at Jamaat Khanas. The suspects were also involved with extortion gangs, and were arrested by the police after being identified by their accomplices who had been arrested during previous targeted operations.

Karachi is presently undergoing a targeted operation aimed at ridding it of extortionists, criminal gangs, kidnappers and other groups that have infiltrated the metropolis. The operation is being conducted under orders by the federal government, and is being undertaken by both the Rangers and police forces.

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