Karachi: Cop dead, 6 injured after custodial death protests go violent

Pakistan on 25 September 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : The News. Image Source: The News

Things took a violent turn after an armed clash between police and an angry mob, which was protesting a custodial death, resulted in at least one fatal and six non-fatal casualties, Geo News reported.
Details have it that violent protests spurred in Malir after a young man, Naveed, who was detained on Sunday morning, allegedly died in the custody of police later in the day.
The outraged relatives abetted by the local residents hit the streets in and around Malir City and blocked the National Highway to protest the custodial death while police watched from a distance. Reportedly, it was then when some armed protestors opened fire on a police mobile drawing retaliation from the men of law.
At least six people were injured in the brief shootout between the mob and the cops. The situation worsened to the worst following the exchange of fire.
Moments later, unknown armed men attacked the police mobile with a hand grenade leaving the vehicle wrecked and the patrollers running for cover.
Reportedly, Farman, the injured driver of the police vehicle, went missing after the grenade attack. His dead body was thrown out of a moving car shortly after. The killers sped away after dumping the body.
According to latest reports heavy contingents of police and Rangers have been deployed in the restive area to bring the situation under control.
Furthermore, Rangers in a targeted-operation launched in Malir's Hashoo Town detained at least 31 suspects and recovered firearms.
Moreover a man was also gunned down Orangi Town.

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