JI challenges Protection of Pakistan Act in SC

Pakistan on 21 July 2014
Location : Pakistan | Source : Daily Times. Image Source: flickr user walknboston

ISLAMABAD: Jamat-e-Islami (JI) on Wednesday challenged the controversial Protection of Pakistan Act 2014 in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as they pleaded before the top court to strike down the ‘black’ law.

The petition drafted under the Article 184 (3) was submitted in the SC registrar’s office by the Rawalpindi High Court Bar former president Taufeeq Asif and a senior SC lawyer Sheikh Ahsanud-Din. The PPA 2014 stands opposite to the constitutional provisions preaching for the protection of basic human basic rights in Pakistan, said the JI through its petition. The petition was filed in the name of JI Ameer Sirajul-Haq.

The petition pleading the apex court that PPA 2014 was contradictory to the constitution and violates basic human rights in the constitution of Pakistan. The petition further pleaded that the PPA 2014 should be declared illegal as it can be used for political victimisation of the opponents and for the sake of revenge in enmity.

The PPA 2014 contrary to Islamic norms and standards “grants police permission to enter anyone’s house without warrants which was completely un-Islamic and opposite to the teachings of Islam adding that it is a kind of “anti-human act and equal to the announcement of punishment without committing the crime”, stated the JI petition. 

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