JD(U) MP’s two jackfruits go missing, police form special team to nab thieves

India on 20 June 2014
Location : New Delhi | Source : Indian Express Image Source: Indian Express

It was a complaint of “theft” from the residence of an MP that made the Delhi Police form a team to investigate the crime. Soon after the complaint came in, police dispatched a team from its fingerprints bureau and one from its crime investigating department to Janata Dal United’s Rajya Sabha MP Mahendra Prasad’s Number 4, Tughlaq Road bungalow. On reaching the bungalow, they were directed to the garden. They were there to probe the case of two missing jackfruits.

A senior police officer said, “The MP’s personal assistant called the police station to report the theft. When a team of officers reached the spot, it was found that two jackfruits were missing from the tree, which had nine fruits. The MP reportedly noticed it in the morning and alerted his personal assistant who in turn informed police. Based on a complaint from his PA, we have registered a case of theft and are investigating the matter.”

More than 10 officers scoured the garden for clues that would lead them to the culprit(s). Fingerprints were lifted from the garden and the backyard to establish the path that thieves might have taken. “Close inspection of the crime spot and investigations led us to a trail of footprints. The footprints, measuring approximately six inches, appears to be those of children who may have jumped the fence to steal the fruit. But it raises serious questions about the security at the bungalow,” the officer said. “The fingerprints and footprints that were lifted from the spot have been sent to the forensics department for examination.”

The investigators have been asked to be on their toes to nab the accused. Till the forensic report comes out, investigators will be questioning security guards, servants and drivers. CCTV footage from outside the MP’s bungalow and his backyard will also be examined, police said.

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