Improving policing: Industrial Area police station now set up in Malir

Pakistan on 10 September 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : Express Tribune. Image Source: Express Tribune

The police have set up a new police station in the outskirts of the city, bringing the total number of police stations to 109, The Express Tribune has learnt on Monday.

The New Industrial Area police station, according to the notification issued by the home department, has been set up in Malir district. “We have five police posts which fall in the jurisdiction of Sohrab Goth police station,” said sources privy to the matter. “The new police station has been established by merging three police posts of Sohrab Goth including Industrial Area, Ahsanabad and New Sabzi Mandi.”

Sources further said that the decision was taken after the industrialists and traders of the industrial area and New Sabzi Mandi approached the police officials to establish a separate police station for them due to an increase in cases of street crime, target killings. “It is a good decision,” said SI Rana Haseeb Ahmed, who has been given the charge of the new police station. A khuli kacheri [open court] is also being held today (Tuesday).

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