India on 03 July 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : Daily Pioneer. Image Source: Flickr User Camera baba' aka Udit Kulshrestha

Recent images of police turning into rogues and wielding sticks at innocent citizens weighed heavy with the Supreme Court while rejecting the case of two persons acquitted in criminal cases for appointment as constables with Delhi Police.

“A candidate wishing to join the police force must be a person of utmost rectitude. He must have impeccable character and integrity. A person having criminal antecedents will not fit in this category,” held a Bench of Justices GS Singhvi and Ranjana Desai, while dismissing the appeals of the two police aspirants Mehar Singh and Shani Kumar.

The two having secured an acquittal from the trial court were rejected appointment by the Screening Committee of the Delhi Police. Upholding the Screening Committee’s decision, the apex court held, “In recent times, the reputation of the police force has taken a beating. Instances of police personnel behaving in a wayward manner by misusing power are in public domain and are a matter of concern. In such a situation, we would not like to dilute the importance and efficacy of a mechanism like the Screening Committee created by the Delhi Police to ensure that persons who are likely to erode its credibility do not enter the police force.”

Singh had obtained a compromise in his case from the complainant whom he had beaten up with rods for resisting an attack on a public transport. In the other case, Kumar was accused of firing bullets at a person who luckily survived.

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