High-handedness: ‘Police harassing citizens to counter terror’

Pakistan on 17 April 2015
Location : Faisalabad, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune

Hundreds of people staged a demonstration on Wednesday to protest against police for violating their privacy and harassing them on the pretext of a crackdown on terrorists.

The protesters had gathered at Lorry Adda Chowk in Samundri and blocked the road for traffic by burning old tyres. Talking to newsmen, Zafar Iqbal, a resident of Mohallah Ashrafabad, said on Tuesday night, a Factory Area police team had forced entry into his house and arrested his four sons Hassan, Fahad, Dawood and Shams without a just cause. “The policemen also beat my sons in front of other family members and dragged them out of the house by their hair,” he said. “It was a humiliating experience.”

He said when he asked why his sons had been arrested, one of the policemen said, “Do not interfere in matters you don’t understand.”

The protesters chanted slogans against police and demanded immediate action against the policemen harassing citizens in the name of security.  A police team from Samundri headed by SHO Ibadat Nisar met the protesters and assured them that the matter would be investigated. The protesters dispersed on his assurance. Talking to The Express Tribune, Nisar said the men were wanted by Factory Area police for a robbery. He said they had been nominated by the complainant.

He said police was investigating the matter. “If they are not linked with the crime, they will be released.”

Separately, scores of residents of Chak 106-GB staged a protest demonstration against Tandlianwala City police, saying they were afraid police might kill a man arrested for murder in custody.

The protesters gathered at Zila Council Chowk and staged a sit-in in front of the secretariat of the district government.

Talking to newsmen, Allah Ditta, one of the protesters, said police had arrested Rana Kaleem, a resident of Chak 106-GB, on a murder charge.

He said on Tuesday, police had shifted Kaleem to Police Lines. “We are fearful for his life. Police may kill Kaleem in custody,” he said.

The protestors blocked University Road for traffic and chanted slogans against the police.  On being informed, Civil Lines SHO Mian Abid met the protesters and assured them that Kaleem was safe and that he would be treated according to law. He said Kaleem was shifted to Police Lines to formalise his challan. He said if Kaleem was found not guilty, he would be released. The protesters dispersed on his assurance.


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