India on 12 July 2013
Location : Noida, India | Source : Daily Pioneer. Image Source: Daily Pioneer

Proving that women are not lagging behind when it comes to displaying courage and honouring duty, a woman Station Officer (SO) of Sector 20 Police station nabbed a man, who was fleeing after molesting a 25-year-old girl,  after chasing him on motorbike.

The incident took place near the Centre Stage Mall in Sector 18. The SO, Rita Yadav borrowed a Pulsar bike from a passerby and caught the accused after chasing him for a kilometer or so.The woman officer sustained some injuries while trying to apprehend the accused as her bike slipped while taking a sharp turn. Undeterred, she overpowered the accused and arrested him.

According to police, the accused, Samsuddin (27), a contractor living in Sector 18, followed the victim from the nearby Metro station on Wednesday morning. When the girl, a software engineer and resident of Sector 53, along with her family was to reach the Centrestage mall, Samsuddin made the molestation attempt.When the victim raised an alarm against the attacker, he tried to flee from the spot. Responding to her cry, a police patrolling vehicle immediately swung into action and asked the accused to surrender.

But, he did not pay heed to the police’s warning. Samsuddin turned his bike towards a busy market area and tried to escape.When the police jeep could not enter the narrow stretch, the SO took a Pulsar motorcycle from a passerby and chased him. Ultimately he was caught and was taken to the police station.

“As I spotted Samsuddin, a contractor by profession, molesting the victim, I attempted to nab him, but he managed to enter a busy stretch. I took the bike of a passerby and caught him despite his desperate attempts to save himself,” said Rita Yadav. The accused has been arrested under Section 354 and 354 (D) on charges of molesting and stalking the girl.

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