Haryana police complaint authority lacks teeth

India on 07 October 2013
Location : Chandigarh, India | Source : Times of India

CHANDIGARH: While constituting Haryana Police Complaints Authority (HPCA), the state government has failed to follow guidelines set by the Supreme Court for setting up such bodies as the authority in Haryana doesn't have powers to take action on complaints related to misuse of power by cops and illegal detention.

HPCA, which became functional in April 2011, doesn't have powers to take action on complaints against policemen abusing their authority. This demand for expanding the jurisdiction of the authority is hanging fire for the past two years. Police complaints authorities in other states like Tripura, Assam, West Bengal and Uttarakhand have been given all powers to act on plaints on police excesses and harassment.

According to Haryana government's notification, the authority's mandate is limited to probing serious allegations against policemen like custodial death, rape, rape attempt or grievous hurt of person while in custody. But it doesn't have powers to probe complaints against cops harassing complainants or demanding bribe from people for filing FIRs.

Despite repeated representations and official communications over the past two years, the Haryana government is yet to act on HPCA's plea. Compared to other PCAs framed on the basis of a Supreme Court order in other states, Section 65 of Haryana Police Act lacks teeth. Illegal arrest without due procedures is a serious misconduct and almost all the states and UTs have included it in their notifications but not in Haryana, said a communication by HPCA to the state government last month.

HPCA chairman H S Rana admitted that in absence of clarity in the notification, cases have been delayed and the authority was not in a position to clear them. Of the 376 complaints lodged with HPCA till now, 341 were related to misuse of power. Several of them are related to harassment of complainants during the registration of FIRs.

"We have been pursuing Haryana government to expand the jurisdiction of HPCA to include complaints related to misuse of authority and illegal detention or procedural lapse in carrying out an arrest,'' Rana said. "We don't turn down such complaints but we can't seek explanation from the supervisory officers concerned as HPCA has not added these cases in its notification," he added.

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