Govt takes no action against officers pinpointed by SC

Pakistan on 12 September 2013
Location : Islamabad, Pakistan | Source : The International News

ISLAMABAD: The government despite clear directions by the Supreme Court in the Karachi law and order case is continuing with officers illegally promoted and inducted in the Police Service of Pakistan. The last government defied the SC decisions in this regard and the present government has failed to rectify the situation.
Interestingly the Sindh government had demoted and de-notified them, documents available with The News reveal.The politicization of the police has been the main cause of worsening of the law and order situation in Karachi and the Supreme Court in its judgement in the Karachi violence case mentioned that the retrospective seniority and out of turn promotions and lateral entries in police have led to politicization of police. The Establishment Division being controlled by the federal government has facilitated at least three officers of Sindh Police in such a way that the PPP government failed to do. One officer who was repatriated to his parent department has again been posted in police service by the establishmentdivision, which is a clear flouting of SC’s judgement.
Documents reveal that one Abdul Hadi Bullo, an officer of Office Management Group was absorbed in the Police Service of Pakistan as Superintendent of Police but after the SC judgement the Sindh government on 2nd July, 2013 withdrew his absorption in PSP with ab initio along with twenty three others and ordered all the twenty four to report to their respective parent departments.
The Establishment Division under PML-N government kept on sleeping and did not undo Abdul Hadi Bullo’s encadrement in PSP. The provisional seniority list of SPs as on 01-08-2013 issued by the Establishment Division on August 16, 2013 reveals that Abdul Hadi Bullo is at serial number 4 in the seniority list. The Establishment Division, despite SC’s orders, didn’t remove the officer from the cadre of PSP.
This didn’t end here, just five days ago, on September 5, 2013 issued a notification No.F.No. 12(19)/2011-E-3 (Police) which says that “Mr Abdul Hadi Bullo, a Bs-18 officer of Police Service of Pakistan, presently awaiting posting is Establishment Division is transferred and his services are placed at the disposal of Ministry of Railways for further positing in Pakistan Railways Police (PRP), with immediate effect and until further orders.”
In another case the documents reveal that the Sindh government, while implementing the SC order, demoted 59 officers of police including 25 SPs who were given out of turn promotions through a notification issued on July 13, 2013. A copy of this notification was also forwarded to the Establishment Secretary in Islamabad for further action. The Establishment Division kept on sleeping and did not undo the encadrement of the 25 SPs.
Two among these SPs who were made DSPs were Muhammad Arab Mahar and Abdul Ahad Sangri. The documents states that the Sindh government on August 5, 2013 again promoted these two officers as SPs on regular basis on recommendations of Provincial Board-II. Well-placed sources told The News that these officers should have been placed at the end of seniority list of SPs because they have been promoted on August 5, 2013 but the Establishment Division, instead of putting them at the bottom of seniority list of SPs, continued their encadrement and Seniority List where they were placed before the implementation of SC judgment.
Documents reveal that the seniority list issued by the Establishment Division on August 16, 2013 says that Muhammad Arab Meher is at serial number 1 of seniority list of SPs while Abdul Ahad Sangri is at serial number 2 of the same list. The sources said that ideally, these two officers should have been at the bottom last of the seniority but Establishment Division didn’t pay heed to the judgement of SC and also the actions of Sindh government which demoted them and continued with the same seniority list. The sources say that with this seniority, the said officers would soon be SSPs.
Interestingly, the demotion of Muhammad Arab Maher has been a blessing in disguise for him as before the demotion he was posted in Khuzdar, Balochistan while after his new promotion and unchanged seniority list where he is at number one serial, he has been posted in Railways Police instead of sending him again to Balochistan, according to the Establishment Division’s notification dated August 27, 2013.Officers in the Establishment Division say that a meeting in this regard is expected in a few days, which will discuss the matter of these officers from Sindh.

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