Goa police to recruit 300 women personnel to battle crime

India on 02 May 2014
Location : Panaji, Goa, India | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Flickr User Flying Cloud

Girls have a golden opportunity to join the Goa police as police officers, with a priority to investigate the crime against women, as the police department will hold one of its biggest women police recruitment drive in the state.

 Police department has sent a proposal to the home department to recruit 300 women police personnel, which include 100 women police sub inspectors (PSI). During his budget speech this March, chief minister Manohar Parrikar had announced formation of a special women police battalion with strength of 300 personnel to investigate crime against women.

 The total strength of the state police is around 5,000 personnel, and this includes 352 women police personnel serving at different ranks in police force.

 Speaking to TOI, director general of police (DGP) T N Mohan said that there is shortage of women police staff in the department, which hampers the investigation in crime against women.

 Stating that there are only two women police stations in Goa, at Margao and Panaji, Mohan said that the two police stations are overburdened with workload as all cases relating to women are handled by the limited staff. "When a battalion of 300 women police personnel is formed, there would be a separate 'women complain desk' in each police station and women police would investigate crime cases against women," he added.

 He admitted that there is no enthusiasm among Goan girls to join the police forces due to previous records and the department would organize awareness drives in colleges to recruit quality personnel. There will also have a general awareness drive through print and electronic media to create awareness among girls in the state.

 "We may also relax some of the recruitment rules to recruit women in police department as girls are not willing to take up a police job," Mohan informed.

 Crime against women in the state has risen since 2010 and the home department statistics reveal that, in 2013, crime cases against women has increased by over 50 percent in the state. Data recorded from 2010 to September 2013, reveal that out of 150 rape cases registered in the state, 110 cases are against the minor girls.

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