Four more Indian women were gangraped at Shakti Mills

India on 29 August 2013
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : The International News.

MUMBAI: Interrogation of the five persons arrested in connection with the gangrape of a photojournalist last Thursday revealed that they had sexually assaulted four other women at the same spot over the past few months.
According to police sources, one of the accused admitted that the gang had raped four other women at the defunct Shakti Mills compound near Mahalakshmi station in south Mumbai over the past year.
And since the criminals had threatened the victims, none of them had lodged a complaint with the police. The gangsters also used to harass couples who would frequent the isolated and abandoned mill complex.
Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh asserted on Monday that all the five men arrested in connection with the rape were adults and dismissed claims that some of them were juveniles. Chandbabu Sattar Shaikh, whose grandmother claimed that he was under-18, was also an adult, asserted Singh.
“Three of the five are history-sheeters,” said the police commissioner. All five were born in Mumbai and had been raised here. Just one of them was living with his parents and all were school dropouts and unemployed, who indulged in crime.
The police chief said investigators had recovered vital evidence, which would help framing of a strong charge-sheet against all the accused. “We have also recovered three mobile phones,” he said. A fast-track court would take up the case soon.
The 23-year-old victim, a photo-journalist with a magazine, had gone on assignment to the abandoned mill site along with a colleague to take some pictures last Thursday. The victim told the police that after they had entered the mill complex, two of the accused led them inside the mill.
A third accused — claiming to be a railway employee — objected to their taking photographs and took them to their leader. While the victim’s colleague was tied up in a belt, the five accused gangraped her.
Later, they humiliated her further by asking her to clean up the spot. They also took pictures of the victim and warned her they would circulate it on the Internet if she complained to the police.
Acting swiftly after she lodged her complaint, the Mumbai police began picking up the suspects from the nearby locality.
They also got leads and by Sunday claimed to have arrested all five criminals, including one from Delhi.

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