Farooq Sattar calls for impartial committee to monitor Karachi operation

Pakistan on 08 November 2013
Location : Karachi | Source : Express Tribune. Image Souce: Express Tribune

Terming the ongoing security operations in Karachi a sham, and alleging that they were politically motivated Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Senator Farooq Sattar said on Tuesday that an independent committee ought to be formed to monitor and oversee a supposedly criminal cleanup of the megalopolis, Express News reported.

Talking to the media, Sattar said that the proposed committee would respond to complaints or take notice of such things as unjustifiable arrests, misbehavior with women or any unconstitutional step taken in the name of a Karachi operation.

Asserting that the Karachi operation was “politically motivated” Sattar said, “MQM is being deliberately targeted and it is only with the passage of time that we will see if the operation was successful or not.”

“The captain of the operation, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, can’t be present in all the raids,” he said, adding if the CM knew about what difficulties normal citizens had to go through every time an area was subject to an operation.

The MQM leader asserted that the Karachi operation was a way to keep the party away from participating in politics.

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