Disciplinary action: Six SHOs suspended, five replacements found

Pakistan on 01 August 2013
Location : Islamabad, Pakistan | Source : Express Tribune. Image Source: Express Tribune

Six police stations in the federal capital saw their bosses get sacked on Tuesday and five of the six were replaced the same day.

Senior Superintendent of Police Operations Dr Muhammad Rizwan suspended six station house officers (SHOs) on his first day in office, sources told The Express Tribune. The sources said the suspension orders were issued due to the alleged corruption, bad reputation and political appointments of the police officers.

The SHOs suspended and sent back to the Police Lines Headquarters are SHO Kohsar Ghulam Baqir, SHO Bhara Kahu Sattar Shah, SHO Golra Mehar Munawar, SHO Tarnol Jamshed Khan, SHO Ramna Asjad Bukhari and SHO Shalimar Sajjad Shah.
Some of these police officers were serving at the same police stations for the past five to 10 years mainly due to support from influential quarters, the sources claimed.

Five of these police stations found new replacements on the same day. Inspector Hukam Khan was appointed SHO Kohsar, Inspector Tanveer Ahmed was made SHO Shalimar, Inspector Abid Hussain will be the new SHO Bhara Kahu, Inspector Fayyaz Ranjha will be SHO Ramna and Inspector Muhammad Siddique has been transferred as SHO Golra.

Three other police stations also got new SHOs. Inspector Zulfiqar Ali will take charge as SHO at Bani Gala Police Station, Inspector Ruksar Mehdi at Margalla and Sub Inspector Asjid Mehmood at Shahzad Town.

It is believed that Islamabad Police’s higher officials have made a principled stance to transfer 20 inspectors, four deputy superintendents of police and three superintendents of police in Islamabad’s 18 police stations because they were appointed on the basis of connections.

Under the Interior Ministry’s supervision, the capital police are also considering forming a central complaints cell to receive grievances about the police officers.

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