Dial 1064 to complain against Delhi Police officials

India on 21 April 2014
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : Business Standard; image source: flickr user Esparata Palma


If the beat constable demands a bribe next time or if you find even senior Delhi Police officials indulging in corrupt practices, you can register a compliant by simply dialling 1064.

This toll-free helpline number, allocated exclusively to the Delhi Police, is operated by the Vigilance Department of the Delhi Police.

"The Delhi Police had requested for a number to help people directly approach it for any complaint against its officials. The number was allocated around a month back and its functional now," a Department of Telecom (DoT) official told PTI.

Another toll-free, anti-corruption number 1031 is already functional in Delhi. It is operated by the state government.

The Delhi Police does not come under ambit of the state government.

"The Delhi Police approached the DoT as they wanted people to directly reach them instead of going through other agency. It is thier vigilance department which will escalate matter to senior officials if any corruption related calls are received," the official said.


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