India on 29 July 2013
Location : Lucknow, India | Source : The Pioneer. Image Source: Flickr User HeavenHated

Director General ( police training) Brij Mohan Swarswat laid stress on more awareness amongst the cops of changes made in tackling crime against women and children.

He claimed that now more stern action should be taken against those involved in such crimes as the new law defined much harsher punishment with a view that it would prove as a major deterent for criminals involved in it.

Addressing 30 policemen during first of the four proposed camps Rs Rs Training for Trainers’, here at Training head quarter, DG (Training) on Monday, BM Swarswat said that many amendment has been made in the law during the last one year which defined punishment for sexual crimes particularly against women and children. He said that the Department felt that the cops posted in the field were not aware of the changes so there is an urgent need to impart them training and to make them competent enough to use the new law as a major tool in checking such crimes.

BM Swarswat said that initially they decided to first give training to some selected cops (30 each in four phases), so that they could farward  their knowledge amongst their colleagues later on at district level. He claimed that during the four-day long training which started here with the help of officials of UNICEF, they informed the cops that which crime is governed under which law and that how they had to book the criminals involved in such crimes under the amended law as it provides harsher punishment. He said that they also upgraded the knowledge of the cops about some recent directions made by the Apex Court regarding
sexual crimes against women and children.

Adel Khurd, the chief of UNICEF in Lucknow, who was chief guest on the occasion later claimed that such camps should be organised at district level in regular intervals as a big number of cops were still unaware of the changes made by the Union Government for crimes against women and children. He also assured of full cooperation of his Group in organizing such camps as he felt that only through proper awareness -both amongst masses as well as law enforcing agencies-such crimes could  be successfully controlled.

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