DGP: Govt row still fresh, governor calls for no interference in force

India on 28 June 2013
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : The Times of India. Image Source: Flickr User Kaptain Amerika

MUMBAI: Governor K Sankaranarayanan on Thursday said the government must insulate the police force from all kinds of interference. The statement comes close on the heels of a row involving home minister R R Patil and director general of police SanjeevDayal over the transfer of officers.

"The process of appointment, transfers and postings needs to be transparent and above board," Sankaranarayanan said. He was addressing a function organized in the city by the state unit of the all-India police gallantry medal awardees welfare association.

Patil and senior IPS officers were present at the event.

Recently, Dayal had objected to the home department move to withdraw the DGP's power to promote police officers. It is learnt thatDayal had even threatened to quit last month, but Patil blinked first and restored the powers to the DGP.

"Sankaranarayanan's statement is a veiled attack on the ruling 
DF government for the political inference in police transfers," a Mantralaya insider said.

The view was echoed by former police commissioner 
Julio Ribeiro. "In our day, the DGP decided on transfers and his recommendations were accepted by the politicians, with maybe a few changes," he said. "Now politicians want to have their say in postings.The increasing political interference today is bad for the police force and society."

Patil was unavailable for comment, but a home department official said the governor was talking about the country in general and not specifically about the state. "The governor even praised the state police force for its efforts to maintain law and order," the official said.

Another home department official said Patil had been unnecessarily dragged into the row.

"Over six years ago, the Maharashtra Government Servants' Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delays in Discharge of Official 
Duties Act, 2005, came into force and subsequently the DGP's powers to transfer and promote PSIs, APIs, PIs and senior PIs were withdrawn and vested in the home department," the official said. "After that, every year Patil delegated the powers to the DGP. This year, too, the minister had the same plan, but even before Patil could do so, the issue surfaced in the media, resulting in unwarranted embarrassment for the entire force and Patil."

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