Delhi Police to install CCTV cameras at 127 accidents-prone areas

India on 05 May 2014
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : India Today; image source: India Today

Delhi Traffic Police have shortlisted 127 accidents-prone or dark spots in the city where the police will now install CCTV cameras. These spots include not only those that are prone to fatal accidents but also ones listed for rash driving, causing freak accidents.

Though the project to install CCTVs is already a part of the traffic police's Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), the police are planning to implement it soon, at least at major accident-prone intersections.

"Due to recent cases of many fatal accidents, Delhi Police are planning to install CCTVs at spots across Delhi which see frequent accidents. The footage collected will help traffic police understand how these accidents take place. Is there any set pattern to it or not? The police will then rectify the flaws," said a senior traffic police on the condition of anonymity.

Last year, the traffic police had shortlisted spots with high fatal accidents. But this year the police have also added those spots where simple accidents are frequent.

The number of spots witnessing high fatalities was 80 but due to the new criteria, 40 more were added to the list.

According to this project, the traffic police will start with major intersections which are accident prone. It will begin as a pilot project. After analyzing the data and results, the police will then plan its further plan of action, traffic police official said.

Areas like Shalimar Bagh, Pitampura, Najafgarh Road, Rohtak Road, IIT flyover, Munirka flyover, Opposite Bhairon Mandir, Rajokari Flyover on NH-8, Ali Village on Mathura Road, Laxmi Nagar T-Point, Mehrauli-Badarpur Road will be included in the list as these areas have been identified as black spots.

Last year, the traffic police were focusing only on those spots that are prone for fatal accidents. It was later decided that from this year onwards spots that witness simple as well as fatal accidents higher than a set number, a traffic police official said. However, the police have not set any deadline for the project.

"This initiative will come with ITMS," a senior officer said.

This ITMS will cover 220 km of urban major roads with approx. 240 signalled intersections in Delhi. The plan is to help commuters navigate the traffic with the help of technology. It includes a multi-layered system that will also include upgrading traffic lights, automatic Number Plate Recognition system, automatic issuing of traffic fines. The speed cameras would also be used to detect accidents.


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