Delhi Police Inducts More Women In Its Ranks

India on 30 July 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : Daily Pioneer. Image Source: Flickr User Edson Walker

In order to give the fairer sex an equal opportunity in the force, the Delhi Police is inducting more women in its ranks. Post-December 16 gang-rape incident; the top brass of the city police has been making conscious efforts to induct more women constables and officers to maintain the gender representation.

In order to ensure that women are not found wanting when it comes to the rigours of the hardcore policing, women recruits were provided rigorous and demanding commando training. This was deemed mandatory for inculcating mental toughness among the women, who are with the Delhi Police, a senior police officer said.

The total number of women recruited in the force in 2010 was 4,556, in 2011was 5,180, in 2012 it was 4,674 and an unprecedented rise was witnessed in 2013 with 5,731 women officers being recruited.

“The Delhi Police has always treated women as second to none and has also seen a rise in the number of women police personnel as more women are being recruited in the force every year. Earlier, they were doing only subsidiary work like that of taking care of women prisoners, women demonstrators, but over recent years women police officers have come up and have been shouldering the mainstream responsibilities, and have been appointed as Station House Officer (SHO's), Investigating Officers (IO), Beat officers in selected areas and at Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in various districts as well. A number of steps having been taken to utilise the women force to serve the citizens of the country better", said BS Bassi, the Special Commissioner of Police.

Women have been posted in all the police stations for catering to the women in distress. “A special unit for women and children has also been formed for better coordination and there are number of highly skilled women police officers who are manning sensitive units, including districts,” Bassi added.

“Around 460 women officers have undergone commando training in 2011, out of which 25 were sent for advanced course to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). An exclusive women police station has also been set up to sort out marital disputes among couples. A large number of steps have been taken to ensure greater representation to women,” the Special CP added.

The women strength has been increasing in the force. Apparently, it constitutes about 7.3 per cent of the total strength, he added. 

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