Delhi car gangrape: Callous police 'patrol' city

India on 03 July 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : One India News. Image Source: Flickr User New Delhices

New Delhi: When the women, aged 25 and 27, cried for help, the police stood by. Having gone through one plight, these two had to brace themselves for yet another ordeal. Early on Thursday, when the two women informed the police control room about the incident, head constable Dinesh Kumar failed to pass on the message to the assistant sub-inspector Balraj Singh as the former did not have the latter's cell number.

Both the police officials were suspended on grounds of negligence. Two Delhi-based women were gang-raped in a moving car when they were heading home from a pub in Sahara Mall late night on Thursday. They had hired a car to Tuglaqabad in South Delhi. The driver is alleged to have picked up two more men on his way, while a vehicle followed them with the friends of the accused. The women were raped on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road and dumped there itself. Dinesh Kumar was on duty then at MG Road from where the women tried to contact the police control room.

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