Delhi breaks all crime rate records

India on 15 April 2014
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : India Today; image source: India Today

Call it the inefficiency of the Delhi Police or the impact of "liberal registration" of cases, but the Capital recorded two to four times more criminal incidents till March this year as compared to the corresponding period in last year.

On an average, 17 kidnappings, 55 vehicle thefts and 26 burglaries have been reported daily in the city this year, according to the Delhi Police data. The figures also show 11 reported cases of robbery and 25 cases of snatching daily, confirming fears of Delhiites.

After becoming the Commissioner of Delhi Police, B.S. Bassi had assured that he would put all his efforts to curb heinous and street crimes, but his words have not got translated into action. At least the crime figures for the period between January 1, 2014 and March 23, 2014 belie his words. Many in the police headquarters try to play down the spurt in crime, saying "cases being registered liberally".

One can gauge the condition of law and order in the city from what happened to 55-year-old Jayshree two months ago. Jayshree was returning home with her husband from a wedding when she was shot at by two bike-borne assailants, who tried to snatch her chain. "After the tragic incident, I get scared whenever I see bikers in a group, or someone driving rashly. I feel that they will attack me," she says.

The reported incidents of chain snatching have increased by almost four times as compared to last year. It only indicates slack beat policing on the city streets. Local cops, however, cannot be blamed entirely for the spurt in crimes as nearly 70 per cent of the city police strength is engaged in court cases.

Crime data provided by the Delhi Police show that the burglary incidents also rose from 449 in 2013 to 2,132 in 2014. "The total number of motor vehicle theft cases rose from 2,893 in 2013 to 4447 in 2014 (till March 23),'' a senior police officer added.

In 2013, 3,319 cases of snatching were registered in Delhi as against 1,371 in 2012," the officer said, adding that after Bassi became the police commissioner, several dedicated teams were formed by the Special Cell and Crime Branch of the Delhi Police to nab all notorious criminals as well as to curb street crimes, including snatching, robberies, house theft, dacoity and motor vehicle theft.


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