Cops to Use Whatsapp to Engage with Public

India on 02 April 2014
Location : Kerala, India | Source : New Indian Express. Image Source: Flickr User Nagesh Kamath

The Kerala Police’s latest attempt to reach out to the public will make use of the popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp.

Under their new programme named ‘WhatsApp Commissioner’, the police hope to collect information from the public in the easiest of terms.

“WhatsApp can be a very useful tool for the police to collect and share information with the public,” Thiruvananthapuram Range IG Manoj Abraham said launching the initiative.

The programme is expected to be in full flow by April 5.

Under the programme, the Kerala Police hopes that the ease in sending text, audio, photos and videos through the application will help them detect various cases and track criminals.

The public, using WhatsApp, can register complaints on traffic violations, jams and accidents, police high handedness and corruption, illegal activities and drug use and abkari-related crime.

“Complaints against anti socials in the community, information on criminals and matters of public interest can also be registered through ‘WhatsApp Commissioner’ programme,” Abraham said.

The services of all SPs of the Thiruvananthapuram Range and the IG himself will be available.

“Messages with pictures and videos can be sent. We will make sure that the information is kept confidential and the source is protected,” he added.

The police will also use the service during the Lok Sabha elections in the state to clamp down on various election-related issues.

Crowding near booths, other law-and-order problems and violation of model code among others can be reported through WhatsApp.

“All the complaints will be handled by the officers personally and will be acted upon on merits,” Abraham said.

The complaints can be forwarded to the following numbers based on their jurisdiction with a copy to be marked to the Thiruvananthapuram Range IG: Thiruvananthapuram City CP - 9497996991, Thiruvananthapuram City Deputy Commissioner of Police - 9497996988, Kollam City CP - 9497996984, Kollam Rural SP - 9497996908, Thiruvananthapuram Rural SP - 9497996985, Pathanamthitta SP - 9497996983. Thiruvananthapuram Range IG: 9497998993.

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