‘Cops need lessons on filing complaints’

India on 24 February 2014
Location : Mumbai | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Flickr User Bopuc

Even the police have a complaint; but they know not where to file it. They feel there is too much political interference in their functioning. 

Six groups of students from the Xaviers Institute of Communication spent a week interacting with personnel from the constabulary and found that the cops feel political connections are at work during transfers and promotions and that meritocracy has no place. 

Recently, Police Reforms Watch (PRW) addressed around 45 students on the subject of police reforms, accountability and functioning of the police at a session. 

Many students had never visited a police station before. As part of the follow-up to the session, the students volunteered to divide themselves into groups and visit the police stations and meet officers. 

"Many personnel are often not aware which IPC sections have to be applied for crimes. Police say the number of white-collar crimes has gone up and since many of them are not conversant with laws pertaining to such crimes, there is a need for refresher courses," said D'Souza, activist and PRW convenor. Students said that the police also suggested setting up of a helpline by the government or social sector to discuss application of laws. 

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