Cop’s ‘insensitive’, ‘shoddy’ probe led to murder: family

India on 30 April 2014
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Source : Mumbai Mirror; image source: Mumbai Mirror

The family and neighbours of the 12-year-old boy who was strangled and hacked to pieces by his kidnappers in Kalyan have accused the investigating officer of a shoddy probe, which they claim led to the child's death. They have also accused the officer, who has since been taken off the case, of threatening them when they made inquiries about the probe.

The investigation is now being headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Jadhav.

Inspector Ravindra Tayde had taken up the case when the Guchait family approached Bazarpeth police station on April 17, when Rohan Guchait was abducted from a residential complex in Sundar Nagar.

While making the first ransom call to the family the day they kidnapped Rohan, the five accused had threatened them not to contact the police, else they would kill Rohan. Despite this, Tayde allegedly visited the family's home wearing his uniform the same day as well as the next day. Moreover, Ishaq Shaikh, the prime accused, who was a friend of Rohan's father, had visited his home thrice after he went missing.

"The officer visited the family's home 2 to 3 times in uniform. It has come to light that Shaikh was keeping a watch on the family's movements. Therefore, he would have seen the cop after which he panicked and later killed Rohan. Had the officer considered the sensitivity of the situation, Rohan would have still been alive," said a close relative of the Guchait family, who requested anonymity.

The family's neighbours have also complained that Tayde behaved insensitively and threatened them when they made inquiries about the case after Rohan's body arrived at the Guchaits' home. Moreover, when he came to know that the family had informed a few people about the case, Tayde had allegedly threatened them, asking them to mind their own business and stop discussing the case with others.

When they had asked about the progress in the case, Tayde had allegedly threatened the family that he would take action against them if they did not stop.

DCP Jadhav said, "Tayde has behaved insensitively, but the allegations made against him will be probed later. Presently our priority is to investigate and prepare a water-tight case against the accused."

Meanwhile, the three accused other than Shaikh have denied their role in the murder and kidnapping. They have told the police that it was Shaikh who panicked and killed the boy after he came to know of the police complaint. The hunt for the fifth accused is still on.

'Main accused had accompanied family to the police station'

"I am not aware of such allegations, but what we have learnt is that the main accused (Ishaq Shaikh), had accompanied the complainants when they came to file a police complaint on April 17 evening," said Vijay Kamble, Thane commissioner of police.

A team of forensic experts from the Kalina FSL reached Kalyan on Monday and investigated the site where Rohan's body parts were found and the flat where he was kept captive.

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