Cops’ apathy forces man to wear gloves at home

India on 30 April 2014
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Source : Mumbai Mirror; image source: Mumbai Mirror

Mayur Thakare, the Mumbai circle officer of the Archaeological Survey of India, has been forced to wear gloves at home for the past few days. The reason has nothing to do with his profession - he is merely trying to protect evidence of a burglary at his residence.

When Thakare reported the crime to the police, they promised to send a team of experts to his home at Matoshri, on M D Keni Road, Nahur (E). But, over a week later, Thakare is still awaiting the police team and, meanwhile, has been doing his best to keep the scene of the crime untouched.

"On April 19, my house was broken into and the cupboard forced open. When I returned from work, I found the door wide open, the exhaust fan on, and things scattered all over the place. Around Rs 20,000 in cash was missing," Thakare told Mirror. "The same night I lodged a complaint at the Kanjur Marg Police Station. They advised me not to disturb anything. But to date no team has arrived to dust the scene for fingerprints, and for over a week I've been wearing gloves to use my cupboard," Thakare added.

When contacted, the Kanjur Marg police said that election duty had kept them on their toes, and that their team of experts would visit the place soon.

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