Cooperation: Drive to improve police-public liaison

Pakistan on 15 April 2014
Location : Islamabad, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune; image source: The Express Tribune


The capital’s emergency and rescue service, Rescue 15, has launched a six-day campaign to increase police-public liaison to improve security in Islamabad.

The “Safe City Campaign”, which involves awareness-raising activities and community outreach, was formally launched on Saturday at Fatima Jinnah Park by Islamabad Chief Commissioner Jawad Paul.

Islamabad Police Operations AIG Sultan Azam Temuri said the police have installed new helpline software to keep records of every call received and undesirable calls. He said Rescue 15 will also deploy anti-terrorist squad personnel at 10 points across the capital.

With the help of Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the Rescue 15 service has also designed an android app to direct and monitor police emergency response, Temuri said.

The campaign itself, which will continue till April 10, is meant to ensure the protection of Islamabad residents and enhance community policing.

“The aim of the campaign is to bring police and public together to combat crime and make Islamabad a safer city to live,” a Rescue 15 officer said.

The campaign includes sub-components such as the safe home scheme, anti-car lifting scheme and crime scene preservation scheme, the officer said.

The individual sub-components, as their names indicate, will help increase awareness among public on protection against robberies, car theft and cooperation with investigators.

The police said that equipment and tools to reduce risk of car lifting, such as immobilisers, tracking chips and locks, will be made available at the Rescue 15 office. Tools to make homes safe, such as alarm systems and internet-based anti-thief solutions, will also be made available at Rescue 15.

Free legal advice, free medical dispensary and a float, which will disseminate reading material on safety issues throughout the capital, are part of the campaign. Rescue 15 also has plans to initiate a modern ambulance service in partnership with Red Crescent Pakistan, officials said.

Rescue 15 officers said they currently have a database with records of around 1.9 million stolen vehicles. They said they welcomed the public to contact them to get any vehicle verified before sale or purchase.

The Islamabad Traffic Police also organised a two-day family gala at Fatima Jinnah Park over the weekend, with activities for kids and food stalls.

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