Complaints against cops hardly see convictions

India on 22 July 2013
Location : Maharashtra | Source : DNA

In 2012, 6,925 plaints against policemen were filed but only 5 cops were convicted.

More often than not, policemen are in news for all wrong reasons than the right. If anything goes wrong anywhere, they become the butt of ridicule 

Having said this, it’s not surprising that there were 44,459 complaints against policemen in India in 2012. Of these, 6,925 were lodged in Maharashtra. 

However, what’s surprising is that 66% of the total number of complaints received against policemen in Maharashtra were either declared false or based on unsubstantiated ground.       

Out of the remaining 2,376 complaints, cases were registered only in 380 incidents. In these, 173 police personnel were sent for trial. While department action was taken against only 99 of them, magisterial enquiry was conducted in 14 cases and judicial enquiry in 65.   

While in many cases policemen have either misused their position and power for unlawful purposes, in some others they were implicated by the people.   

Talking to dna on the issue, joint commissioner of police Himanshu Roy said, “Policing is a very difficult job. While trying to do justice to one party, there is always another party which is on the wrong side of the law, and they think that they were wronged by the police department.”    

He added: “This is the root cause of the problem. These people hold a grudge against policemen and often go ahead and lodge complaints to take revenge. 

However, when an inquiry is carried out, it is found out that the policemen were just doing their job. This explains why 66% of the cases were found to be false or based on unsubstantiated grounds.”     

Moreover, out of the 173 cases only 25 were tried in 2012, in which only five police personnel were convicted. 

Another senior police officer, requesting anonymity, said that many corrupt policemen use their power for wrong purposes; and when complaints against them are filed, strict action is taken by seniors.  

“However, it’s not fair that because of a few policemen the entire department is perceived in a negative manner. There are bad apples everywhere, whether it is a government job or a private one,” he added.

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