Clash at Cox's Bazar - 14 policemen face action

Bangladesh on 21 July 2014
Location : Bangladesh | Source : The Daily Star. Image Source: flickr user v i p e z

At least 14 policemen have been either closed or suspended over pro-Awami League men attacking a police barrack in Cox's Bazar on Friday but no action has been taken against the attackers.

Even before a departmental inquiry could end, 10 constables and one sub-inspector of Sadar Model Police Station were suspended and three assistant sub-inspectors were closed yesterday for using excessive force during the clash.

Azad Mia, superintendent of police of Cox's Bazar told The Daily Star that punitive actions were taken against the accused police personnel on instructions of the Chittagong range deputy inspector general.

However, no case has been filed against any pro-Awami League men for attacking the police barrack, vandalising police office and destroying public property.
Legal action against the attackers was underway, said the SP.

On Friday, traffic police stopped Himu, the town unit Chhatra League deputy religious affairs secretary, and seized his motorcycle, as he failed to show any documents of the vehicle.

After an altercation with the police, he refused to let go of his vehicle and police took him and two of his men to the police station.

As the news spread, Chhatra League men along with Jubo League and Awami League men surrounded the police station and then vandalised a police barrack and an office of the traffic police near the police station.

Later, the town AL unit brought out a procession led by the unit President Mojibur. They vandalised an ATM booth and some vehicles.

To bring the situation under control, police opened fire which left at least 15 people, including 10 pro-AL activists of the town injured.
The situation calmed down after Himu's release two hours later.

Following a meeting between the deputy commissioner of the district, police and district AL leaders on July 19, a one-member committee was formed to probe the incident.

District BCL secretary Abu Taher Azad said, "A team from BCL's central unit would arrive in Cox's Bazar tonight [last night] to find out if BCL members were at fault."

“Organisational action will be taken against anyone found guilty," he said.

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