CJP asked to take notice of Swabi extra-judicial killings

Pakistan on 23 August 2013
Location : Lahore, Pakistan | Source : Daily Times. Image Source: Flickr User Defense Images

LAHORE: A letter has been written to the chief justice of Pakistan, drawing his attention to the formidable situation around Swabi district, which is created by the unleashed law enforcement agencies, especially in the Shamali Tapa Razar area of Razar tehsil, Swabi.

“The matter of fact is [that] about a week or so ago, a police van was targeted by the local militants, killing two police personnel and a civilian. In order to investigate the incident, the police indiscriminately busted (sic) innocent residents at the Shewa village and raided houses and used abusive language in front of gatherings,” read the letter, written by a local named Riaz Khan.

The letter mentioned that on August 15, the police once again raided a house in Ghulamkhel colony and took a teenaged, Syed Akhtar, s/o Zarsahd, to the Parmoli Police Station. “After an hour, the police inside the police station started firing, which was heard by the people in Parmoli and Shewa.”

Seeing the situation, a mob of people rushed to the police station and found the main portal of the station to be locked, he said. 

The applicant said that a police constable later came out and said that everything was all right, and directed the mob to disperse. 

“What happened inside the police station is beyond comprehension and nerve paralysing. Inside the police station, in the presence of the district police officer, Swabi, the said detainee was tortured to the extent that has broken all previous records of police brutalities in Pakistan. First his both legs and both hands were broken, the three fingers of right hand were chopped off, then his neck and backbone were hit hard with heavy weapons... and above all, on examining him, it was found out that his genital was missing. Lastly, the police personnel present there directed the barrels of their guns towards him and started firing.”

He said that the victim’s body was then taken to the Kalu Khan Police Station. When the victim’s brothers contacted the police, they were told he was dead, and that his body was lying inside the morgue at the police station, he said.

Riaz Khan said that no FIR had been registered until now. He said that the victim’s brothers also visited the Kalu Khan Police Station to get an FIR registered, but they were told to leave or “be prepared for dire consequences”. 

He pleaded that the Swabi police had ruthlessly violated the constitution of the country, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other conventions and protocols of which Pakistan is signatory.

“Our humble submission to the honourable sir would be to order a comprehensive inquiry so that the real culprits be brought to justice,” he said in the letter.

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