Civil society slams Human Rights-Law ministries merger

Pakistan on 06 August 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : The Nation. Image Source: The Nation

KARACHI - The civil society has expressed deep concern over the merging of Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) with the Ministry of Law and Justice (MoLJ) by the newly elected PML-N government.

Various civil society organisations in their joint statement remarked the important subjects of the human rights ministry is going to be transferred to the law ministry. 

“The mandates of the two ministries are in direct conflict with each other.  The MoLJ mandate includes defending the existing laws and representing the state in court cases pertaining to human rights violations, while the MoHR is expected to redress the grievances of victims and protect their rights.  As a unit of the MoLJ, the MoHR will not be able to perform these functions independently,” the statement remarked.

The MoLJ simply cannot handle the functions of the MoHR at the UN, EU and other international forums, nor will it be able to respond to queries from foreign delegations visiting Pakistan, especially with reference to the current ongoing cases against the state institutions in the Supreme Court and the high courts, the civil society members maintained.

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