CHRI Press Statement: Take Swift Action against Anantpur cops

India on 03 December 2013
Location : Andhra Pradesh | Source : NDTV

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) strongly condemns the public thrashing by the Anantpur police of four murder suspects in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Director General of Police has ordered a probe and has stated that disciplinary action would be initiated if found guilty. This hardly seems a sufficient response to vigilante violence perpetrated in full view by officers of the law. Police are required to uphold the law and investigate crimes. It is for the court to decide guilt or innocence. 

The frequency of police violence in custody and increasingly - more brazenly - in public, clearly indicates that the officers concerned believe that no serious actions will be taken against them. CHRI underlines the need for seniors in the establishment and the government to take swift action against the erring officers to signal that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Maja Daruwala, Director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, stated that, "There is something seriously wrong with policing. A modern democracy needs a modern police. The police don't seem to understand their role in a democracy but are stuck in the colonial-feudal mould. The police have become used to routine violence being the primary means of policing. All the evidence seems to indicate that seniors tolerate it."


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