Big brother is watching: Govt to install cameras in food departments, police stations

Pakistan on 05 May 2014
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune; image source: The Express Tribune

cThe Sindh government has planned to install CCTV cameras at food department silos and police stations across the province to keep an eye on the wrongdoings in these departments.

The decision was taken after complaints of corruption and mismanagement within these departments were received. The complaints include bribes being taken by policemen, harassment of people who visit the police stations and delay in registration of FIRs. The cameras will first be installed at police stations in Karachi and later in other parts of the province.

The cameras will also be helpful in curbing corruption and embezzlements at the silos of the Sindh food department and help catch the food department officials involved in stealing wheat.

A command and control centre will be established at Chief Minister House, where all activities will be monitored in order to control corruption in both the departments.

The project was visualised by the adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on home affairs, Sharfuddin Memon. He said that the proposal of the project was sent to the CM and now that it has received approval, it will be implemented soon. “Currently it is a proposal and we are working to prepare its draft and notify tender to invite bids from interested parties,” he said.  Memon declined to give a timeframe for the completion of the project but said that it would be completed within the tenure of the sitting government.

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