Assistant sub-inspector suspended for beating up woman

India on 23 April 2014
Location : Nagpur, India | Source : Times of India. Image Source:

Video of a city cop caught publicly beating up and abusing a beggar woman that was put on a social networking site has shocked Nagpurians and commissioner of police K K Pathak. After watching the video, Pathak immediately ordered the suspension of Gittikhadan assistant sub-inspector Prakash Wankhede.

A bystander near Balsadan on Raj Bhavan Road, who could not be identified, captured in film Wankhede ruthlessly thrashing and abusing the woman on Friday, and put it on the networking site. On seeing the incident, Pathak suspended Wankhede who is due for retirement in December. "Policemen should work within the framework of law. Anyone violating the norm will be punished," he said.

Wankhede, deployed on mobile duty of the control room, got the message that a beggar woman was disturbing people and traffic at Katol Naka Square. He reached the spot and started questioning the woman sitting under a tree. The footage showed the woman was sitting quietly. Still, Wankhede started beating her up, ignoring her pleadings. Later, he slapped her and pulled her hair even as people watched haplessly.

When Pathak asked Wankhede why he lost the temper, he said the beggar had spit on him. "Wankhede is an experienced officer having completed 37 years of service. But badly beating up a woman, as the film showed, was not acceptable," Pathak said.

Though the video was doing the rounds for the last 24 years, action was taken against Wankhede only after lawyer Smita Sarode Singalkar wrote an application and sent the video to Pathak, urging him to suspend the officer. Though not identified, Pathak said, the person who filmed the incident should be felicitated.

Singalkar said, "The video shows footage of the cop's violent behaviour towards the woman just for a few minutes. He may have continued beating her up. I am concerned about the woman's health. The National Human Rights Commission has also got in touch with us to know about the beggar woman's health," she said.

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