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Pakistan on 02 August 2013
Location : Pakistan | Source : Pakistan Today. Image Source: Pakistan Today

“Kill him exactly where he robbed that man.” A senior police officer notorious for eliminating crime the ‘hard way’ reportedly told his subordinates when ordering the extermination of an under custody suspect involved in a robbery-cum-murder incident. Soon after Sehri on Thursday, the orders were executed – Yasin lay dead at Kahna, with the case awaiting a “cover-up”. 

Sources in the CIA confided to Pakistan Today that Yasin was already in their custody for almost a week. 

Yasin, 22, a resident of Toba Tek Singh, was arrested by CIA Kahna In charge Rana Haseeb after he was charged with robbing and killing a man, Rafaqat Ali, on July 22 in Kahna. A case (FIR No. 795/13) had been registered at Kahna against unidentified men for robbing and killing Rafaqat. 

Sources said that during interrogation, Yasin had told the CIA that he had to resort to robbery because he needed money for his daughter’s medical treatment. 

“I did not have money to buy medicine for my daughter. She is fighting for her life while you have detained me here. I did not want to kill that man but he was not giving me the money. Let me go, I need to get back to my daughter…,” Yasin reportedly told the CIA. 

Whatever the reason may be for Yasin’s involvement in crime, he had admitted to the murder and was therefore punishable by death according to the CIA’s code of justice. 

While media reports will today laud CIA Sub-Inspector Zafar Ullah Ghuman for his gallantry in killing a ‘wanted criminal’ during a cross firing incident near Kahna while he was on his way to Khaloky, Pakistan Today brings you the story from behind the façade. 

When confronted, CIA Kahna In charge Rana Haseeb told Pakistan Today that SI Ghuman was on his way to Khaloky when two men on a motorcycle fired shots at him. “Ghuman retaliated and gunned down one of the two attackers near Kahna while his accomplice managed to flee. Investigations revealed that the unidentified man Ghuman had killed was Yasin who was listed in a robbery cum murder case,” said Haseeb, adding that the suspect had been residing in the Walton area for some days and was wanted in several cases of robberies. 

However, the CIA’s account of the incident runs contrary to reliable information that the deceased ‘criminal’ was in police custody for at least one week before he was “administered punishment”. 

The Lahore police has so far killed 11 suspected criminals in staged encounters in the last six days.

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