Andhra Pradesh acts on police reforms

India on 12 August 2013
Location : Hyderabad, India | Source : Deccan Chronicle. Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: The state government on Thursday took three major decisions implementing the Supreme Court judgement on police reforms.

An order was issued separating ‘law and order’ from ‘investigation’ across the state and the crime police will not be hereafter used for regular duties except in extraordinary situations.

Moreover, a State Police Complaints Authority  shall consist of a retired HC or SC judge along with three others, and a District Police Complaints Authority will consist of one retired district judge along with three others. The State Police Complaints Authority will look into the complaints made against officers of the rank of SP and above.

In the third order, a State Security Commission with the home minister  (ex-officio chairperson), leader of Opposition, CS, DGP and five independent members was formed.

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